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2009-12-13 09:53 pm
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hels circus

stukjes en beetjes het kader ontbroken
winnen een waagstuk met beven en angst
dat doorslaat en scheurt onder al-oude torsie
die betekenis mist
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2009-12-12 09:54 pm
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circle of hell

bits and pieces out of the box
gain a shivering venture
that scatters over
time-honored missed meaning reversals
cowing forever from the meet
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2009-05-16 08:50 am
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compulsory scribbles
under the covers of pretty pink
tell-tale sketches tirelessly made
all-encompassing continuity
skip and skit and lie awake
oh those crushes
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2009-05-16 07:55 am
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it is so very touching
objectively you are just right
there is no use in denying

so let's face it
let's have it
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2009-05-12 08:48 am
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transmogrification (the red shoes)

six years is a long time
the blood will slither
still we go - our steps so silent
rise, i say - yes, rise above
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2009-05-12 08:45 am
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morphing into primal

we hit it off in a big way
shedding tears in wide-eyed wonder
as we were breaking skin
those lashes still haunt me