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2009-12-13 09:53 pm
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hels circus

stukjes en beetjes het kader ontbroken
winnen een waagstuk met beven en angst
dat doorslaat en scheurt onder al-oude torsie
die betekenis mist
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2009-12-12 09:54 pm
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circle of hell

bits and pieces out of the box
gain a shivering venture
that scatters over
time-honored missed meaning reversals
cowing forever from the meet
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2009-05-16 10:02 am

What's going on here

I recently started this journal for no particular reason. There was a trigger in someone else moving from LJ to here and as it happens I am at a point in time where I am changing my direction a little. (I did not abandon my LJ, though I am concentrating on this place for blogging right now.)

I will be writing this blog for myself. Most or all of the entries will be public. There is no implication that I will be sparing much thought for other people's sensitivities. I am not a very regular or consistent blogger by any stretch of the imagination. Right now it's mostly some simple poetry.

As to the poetry.. "23words" is or was a community on LJ that I happened to spot when I just joined that site. I have never been a part of it, but I hijacked the concept. Six years ago I was in another change phase, which is when I decided to start writing some poetry in English; since it's not my native language it's unlikely to result in particularly beautiful results, but then that isn't the point. Likewise, I generally post new poems just because I wrote them, not because I think they are particularly good or you should necessarily read them.

Topic-wise the previous entry--by way of exception--captured rather literally (and intellectually) something that is in fact close to my heart: it is all about the ability to express. It is less about what is being expressed. It's certainly not about what should or should not be condoned. A lot of it is consciously ambiguous. Before you try to draw any conclusions: very little of the content is about me. Some is just practicing.

Some of the recent entries refer back to entries from six years ago. They are more likely to have ties to "random" older ideas and experiences than that they are necessarily together, although obviously they are all in the currently swapped-in domain somehow (in part just because of my re-reading back entries recently).
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2009-05-16 09:09 am

way out there

risen up from incomprehension
to a state of undue control
we overstate the case
then break free
if it's thinkable, it's fair game
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2009-05-16 08:50 am
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compulsory scribbles
under the covers of pretty pink
tell-tale sketches tirelessly made
all-encompassing continuity
skip and skit and lie awake
oh those crushes
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2009-05-16 07:55 am
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it is so very touching
objectively you are just right
there is no use in denying

so let's face it
let's have it
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2009-05-12 08:48 am
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transmogrification (the red shoes)

six years is a long time
the blood will slither
still we go - our steps so silent
rise, i say - yes, rise above
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2009-05-12 08:45 am
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morphing into primal

we hit it off in a big way
shedding tears in wide-eyed wonder
as we were breaking skin
those lashes still haunt me